Meet Dr. Klara

Dr. Klara Gubacs-Collins (Dr. Klara), a professor, winning mindset expert, speaker and author, has heard the term “winning mindset” defined in numerous ways.  Is it positive thinking or confidence?  Or is it the ability to define and live in one’s zone of genius?  Is it meant only for the chosen few?  Or, is it for anyone who applies the proper principles in the right sequence to discover their strengths?


Essentially, Dr. Klara believes that there is an individual recipe for success in each of us that builds on the three criteria listed below.  With her life-transforming “Winning Mind Blueprint” system, she helps people find in themselves their “Recipe for Success”.  With the proper ingredients, in their appropriate amount, and in their appropriate sequence.  Our vision is to help people define their own recipe for success to live a happy, healthy, and prosperous life.


Her expertise stems from multiple championships in a variety of sports, over 25 years of study and research of all types of psychology and mindset training.  Most of all, Dr. Klara believes that her great success with hundreds of students and clients stem from reflectively overcoming numerous obstacles to achieve countless proud accomplishments in her own life, out of which many, “on paper” she had “no business” achieving.

With twenty-five years of teaching, speaking, and real-life mentoring and coaching experience, Dr. Klara’s view is radically different.  She believes that a winning mindset is a sense of quiet, bold confidence resulting from three interconnected parts.

  • 1


    You need to know WHY do you do what you do?  (The best question to answer here is: what makes you happy, acomplished and feel like you made an impact on the world both in it’s micro and macro levels)

  • 2


    You need not only know your “why” but OWN the “GENIUS” that you have that will help you build your business in the right direction (until you know this you will be spending thousands of dollars, energy, and maybe even give up your dreams altogether because you will become yet another “victim of the shiny object” syndrome)

  • 3


    Once you know and own, then you MUST APPLY your GENIUS and do it CONFIDENTLY on a platform that you are suited for.  (No matter what you do in life, for true success, you need to apply and with bold confidence communicate your genius.  If you let fear hold you back even if you succeed some, you will never hit the top… Lamborghini gear you were meant to hit.)

Are you ready to stand tall with confidence, guilt-free, and armed with the tools for success?