College Students’ Anxiety Has Skyrocketed the Last Decade

As a result, students, faculty, staff, and administrators are overwhelmed with the unmet needs of thousands of students in distress.


There is GREAT NEWS!

The Winning Mind Blueprint is NOW available to help!

Is this program for you?

Here is your BIG day… (well one of many)

Your LIFE depends on this next test…  (at least that’s how it feels in every anxious, overwhelmed sweating cell of your body)

And the incessant, anxious mind chatter begins, or it may have never ended from the last test…

“What if I go blank?”
“What if I fail?”
“What if I NEVER pass this exam?”
“What am I gonna do, who am I gonna be?”
“I have studied for years to get here and now this one test will stop me from my dream?  Really?  That’s just NOT FAIR!”

And on and on… I have seen my students’ minds race when preparing for a test.

ACT, PRAXIS, SAT, BAR Exam… whatever test or exam it is, my students stress before, during, and after these exams.

It doesn’t matter if the parents, teachers, or the students put this incredible and ever increasing pressure on themselves.

The fact is, it’s ON FULL FORCE from high school through college, and if not handled, for the rest of their lives.


There is a solution.

See, I have been counseling college students through their difficult exams and life transitions for almost 20 years.

My work took a serious turn when students that had tried to pass exams, such as PRAXIS, ACT, or SAT, had failed repeatedly, and started to look for a “different” kind of help.

And different I am!

My name is Dr. Klara Gubacs-Collins and I am a University Professor, speaker, author, and a multiple championship winning athlete who had enough of seeing my talented, hard-working students suffer needlessly.

As someone who struggled from performance and test anxiety the majority of my life, I was once where these students are now.  At 40, not only that had I started to get ill, but I was continually failing at an athletic event that I wanted to win “so badly”.

And so I began to research.  I tried everything under the sun, from traditional and sport psychology, to diving into all forms of self-help.

In this research I learned that while there are great parts of an anti-anxiety puzzle available, nothing provided the full picture and system.

So… what is there to do?

Create one!

As a result of 10 years of study and practice, I developed the most comprehensive, incredibly fast acting and potent test performance anxiety elimination system… The Winning Mind Bluepring (WMB).

The WMB is a step-by-step system that takes the individual from all forms of anxiety to a peaceful state of mind where they not only perform, but excel, in the required actions for school, sports, and life.

If you are ready to OVERCOME your ANXIETY, watch my video where I explain the steps of the Winning Mind Blueprint.

During the existence of the WMB, students that followed the steps and completed the daily assignments not only passed their respective exams, but the techniques proved to have a significant impact on their lives.

Student Testimonials

This course changed my life. For the first time ever, I was given different techniques to cope with anxiety that worked. Dr. Gubacs’ techniques are now a part of my daily routine and something that is getting me through the stresses of obtaining a master’s degree while coaching collegiate soccer. .. I believe that any sports team, including my own, would be lucky to work with Dr. Gubacs throughout their seasons to learn how to deal with the stresses and anxieties that come with being a collegiate student athlete. Dr. Gubacs is one of a kind.

Ashley Koester

Ashley Koester

Dr. Gubacs has been a major influence on my life.  She has exposed me to different techniques that have helped me become a more positive person.  Truly I believe that my work with Dr. Gubacs helped me pass my math PRAXIS and oercome my testing and performance anxiety.  It was a blessing to meet and work with Dr. Gubacs and I know that other people would feel this way as well.

Gabriella Ciccone

Gabriella Ciccone

As a college student, I think this technique should be offered throughout the entire campus.  I believe in this because at this point in our lives, we are transforming from a young adolescent to an adult and the transition isn’t always easy.  These techniques can be used as a guide to other students.  The feeling of being in control while having a terrible situation being thrown at you is unlike any other.  I would recommend this course for those individuals that don’t want to play small because how they feel and instead learn how to feel powerful and enjoy the moment.

Jennifer Gonzalez

Jennifer Gonzalez

Taking this course was one of the best things I could have done and I am so happy that I did.  Rather than struggling with anxiety daily, I now have the knowledge I’ve always needed to eliminate my anxiety.  I cannot thank Dr. Gubacs enough for sharing her wisdom regarding test anxiety and all of the different methods there are to overcome it.  Dr. Gubacs and this course have really changed my life for the better and I encourage anyone who experiences test anxiety, or even general anxiety, to take this course.  You won’t regret it.

Kelsey Settecasi

Kelsey Settecasi

Dr. Gubacs has the biggest heart and will do anything to help her students feel better.  She has great advice and shares life lessons that are extremely helpful.  I learned so many new strategies on how to relax and control my anxiety that I would never have experienced without this course. .. Many people are scared to speak up about the problems they are facing, and that’s why this course would be extremely beneficial.  You can learn so many new ways to relax and learn that there are more important things in life than stressing over schoolwork.  I would 100% recommend this to anyone and cannot be more grateful for this course.

Julie Shahpazian

Julie Shahpazian

Dr. Klara’s program is the most valuable resource to anyone seeking help with test and performance anxiety, as well as overcoming the fear of failure.  Her methods helped me through the most difficult times where I thought I would never pass PRAXIS and that I would have to give up my dream.  She helped me believe in myself.  I believe that her program would be extremely valuable for all universities and in all levels of schooling.

Abigail Hughes

Abigail Hughes

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