Contender to Champion
Be Bold Be Confident.

Do you feel like you are on the
“bail-out-burn-out rollercoaster”?

Are you being pulled in all directions? Are you trying to keep
too many plates in the air?

I can help.

I have worked with hundreds of high achievers, just like you, who are leaders in your industry, get to where you want to be, while helping you keep your sanity, gain focus, and get the recognition that you DESERVE.

Whether you are working on the next big promotion, looking for another job, or just working on bringing the next big project to life I can help you. 

In other words, I can help you go from contender to champion in sports, business and life!

I work with clients individually and in small mastermind groups, to help them reach their potential, while getting off the burn-out-bail-out rollercoaster. 

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What People Are Saying:

“I can see myself using her techniques on a daily basis. I look forward to sharing with my family members. Thank you so much Dr. Klara.” – Tammy

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