Whether you are in academia, business, performing arts or just…

Living in this constantly changing world as a HUMAN…

Certain points in your life you will experience any or all of…





These conditions hit you where it hurts the most


Are you stressed about THE EXAM that stops you from getting your Dream Job?

Are you worried that your tenure, promotion, or heck even just your first job is never gonna come?

Do you have sleepless nights thinking that the next business launch HAS to SUCCEED in order to keep the business, the family and the DREAM afloat?


You haven’t slept for months, maybe years, because your incessant mind just doesn’t stop!

You suffer from headaches, joint aches, muscle aches, IBS and on and on…

Have you been constantly tired, irritated, and even moody?


Do you find yourself impatient with those you love the most?

Are you overwhelmed by being sandwiched in the middle of family, work, and even care-taking responsibilities?

How about that nasty sense of guilt for not finding a healthy work-life balance?


The above ARE parts of being human, BUT holding onto their effects and allowing them to hinder or even SABOTAGE your success, health, and relationships don’t have to be!

How do I know?

Because I have been exactly where you are now.

Ten years ago, I started to gain weight, experienced brain fog, and was incredibly moody. My husband, who loves me dearly, said “CC, you are like PMS 24/7!”

And he was right! I was impatient, angry, tired, vulnerable, and stuck. I hated the person I had become and did not see a way out!

Went to the doctors to check thyroid function.

Went to the psychologists to check my mind function.

Went to nutritionists to change my diet.

Went to self-help, knee deep, ear high, and invested thousands of dollars to change my behavior.


The anxiety, stress, overwhelm, and by then, anger, remained.


One day I woke up. Stood in front of the bathroom mirror. Eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep, tears, and anger.

Am I really that… (fill in the blanks) broken?

I am supposed to be strong! I accomplished so much! Everybody thinks I am so successful!

But inside, I am broken, burnt out, and truly feeling like I’ve hit rock bottom.

That was the day I decided to take MY LIFE back into MY HANDS.

The Winning Mind Blueprint

After struggling so much, I started to do my research.  I was constantly reading, studying, and analyzing. In a matter of weeks, I figured out the problem.  In a matter of months, I developed the SOLUTION.

All traditional approaches, and even most of self-help, do not approach the human from a holistic perspective.  Even if they say “holistic approach”, it was not.  They were just treating either the symptoms, OR one or two potential causes, but not ALL and not in a SEQUENTIAL manner.

But, as the daughter of a physician, an old timer that still used to diagnose, I suddenly saw the connections.  And I never looked back.

With the energy and commitment of the energizer bunny, I kept writing up and connecting the puzzle pieces togeter, which eventually developed the…. (drumroll please)

The Winning Mind Blueprint (WMB)

So, as a result of 10 years of study and practice, I developed the most comprehensive, incredibly fast acting and potent anxiety elimination system… The Winning Mind Blueprint.

The WMB is a 5 stage step-by-step system that takes the individual from all forms of anxiety to a peaceful state of mind, where they not only perform, but excel, in the required or elected actions for work, school, sports, and life.

And the “side effects”?

Significant Increase in Clarity, Confidence, and all forms of Performance in the ZONE.  If you are ready to TAKE BACK your LIFE and be the SUCCESS you were BORN TO BE, click the button below and watch my video where I explain the steps of the Winning Mind Blueprint.

Who Do We Serve?

The Winning Mind Blueprint can help people in all walks of life, from students to musicians to entrepreneurs to business professionals and athletes.

Anyone that experiences a higher than normal level of anxiety are helped to regain their clarity, calm, and confidence in a step-by-step system.


Students, teachers, administrators, and staff all work nowadays in an extremely stressful environment.  I know it!  I live it every day.

Students are suffering with test and performance anxiety from grade 3 on…

And their teachers and professors struggle with the demands of tenure, promotion and test preparation.

Administrators and staff see the results of such an environment and try to put out the fires, but that’s just not enough anymore.

The Winning Mind Blueprint eliminates the causes of many of those emotional fires so teachers can finally focus on teaching and their students can concentrate on learning.  (what a concept right?)


Since I joined the ranks of entrepreneurs, and I own my own business, I realized how much pressure business owners and entrepreneurs experience daily.

The professionals we work with start out with the passion of wanting to help or to make a difference.  The intention is beautiful but the reality of running your business can be extremely demanding emotionally and financially.

The WMB is designed to help such professionals in a variety of levels.

Not only, that we decrease your anxiety but also provide incredible CLARITY of your true PURPOSE and direction.

All that usually is clouded by anxiety and overwhelm become crystal clear.

You also learn through this program how to commuicate your true value and services with pure, bold CONFIDENCE.

Are you ready to go from Contender to Champion?


Academic Mindset Coaching

College students’ anxiety has skyrocketed over the last decade.  As a result, students, faculty, staff, and administrators are overwhelmed with the unmet needs of thousands of students in distress.

BUT there is GREAT NEWS!

The Winning Mind Blueprint is NOW available to help!

Winning Mind Blueprint Membership

Dr. Klara’s clients call this “The Most Comprehensive Coaching Program On The Planet for high achievers.”  It’s a winning mind blueprint to get your life, relationships, and work on a better path, so you can live the life you’re meant for and achieve your dreams – even if you’ve forgotten what they are.


Speaking Engagements

Dr. Klara Gubacs-Collins is a sought out speaker in both academia and business.

Anxiety and Stress are most relevant subjects in all areas of life.

In her talks, Dr. Gubacs-Collins offers practical and immediately applicable tools to calm the stressed mind and prioritize our busy lives.


Taking this course was one of the best things I could have done and I am so happy that I did.  Rather than struggling with anxiety daily, I now have the knowledge I’ve always needed to eliminate my anxiety.  I cannot thank Dr. Gubacs enough for sharing her wisdom regarding test anxiety and all of the different methods there are to overcome it.  Dr. Gubacs and this course have really changed my life for the better and I encourage anyone who experiences test anxiety, or even general anxiety, to take this course.  You won’t regret it

Kelsey Settecasi

Kelsey Settecasi

Dr. Klara teaches skills to navigate any situation, without bringing “Drama” along for the ride.  She empowered me to stand tall, armed with the confidence to face life’s toughest, heart-wrenching circumstances, tempering the anxiety that follows me around daily.  She has also gotten me on the next path to fulfill my personal goals with renewed energy and a new spark for life.  Dr. Klara has an endless supply of techniques, literature, and life experiences that will enable you to manage life’s distractions, freeing you to face each day with joy, resulting in a happy life!”

Tammy Ewing

Tammy Ewing

Dr. Klara’s program is the most valuable resource to anyone seeking help with test and performance anxiety, as well as overcoming the fear of failure.  Her methods helped me through the most difficult times where I thought I would never pass PRAXIS and that I would have to give up my dream.  She helped me believe in myself.  I believe that her program would be extremely valuable for all universities and in all levels of schooling.

 Abigail Hughes

Abigail Hughes

Are you ready to stand tall with confidence, guilt-free, and armed with the tools for success?