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How to Survive Life’s Perfect Storms

A Guide to Managing Personal, Career and Relationship Transitions

We all face storms of various types and magnitudes in our life. What separates the much-needed rainfall from the devastating hurricane is our ability to navigate these storms with grace and clarity. This book provides the necessary insights and practical tools for embracing the storms we all face such that we are left more conscious and more empowered. In this book Dr. Gubacs describes the major expected and unexpected life transitions and their key components. Through a variety of life stories and experiences, the reader will see how the external and internal components of a transition can impact their life. It explains the different stages of transitions and helps readers to identify what big transitions they are currently navigating. By understanding their own transitions, the readers are better able to appreciate how those transitions are causing or influencing the smaller, day-to-day challenges they experience in their lives. The readers will also be presented with and taught to apply practical tools for successfully weathering their life storms. Thus, the content and the delivery in Life’s Perfect Storms provides a straightforward, easy-to-follow guidebook that people of all transitions can pick up and yet focus on the chapter that seems the most relevant to them.

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Dr. Klara Gubacs-Collins’s (Dr. Klara) message on using the power of play to discover your individual genius is more than just a talk, it’s a way for women to transform their personal and professional life.

The understanding that, even us “women”, can accomplish our dreams “IF” we know what “OUR” dreams are is central to everything Dr. Klara speaks about and teaches.But for women to live a purposeful life can be confusing. Modern women find themselves lost in societies’ pre-described roles of being a woman, wife and mother while feeling the need to also be successful professionals. These women play the “role” and play them well, until…….they slowly or suddenly, many times in the form of a serious illness, realize the toll this overwhelm is taking on their personal and professional lives.Dr. Klara leads women through her talks and coaching how to define, build and live their dreams while being the “guilt free” partner, wife and mother.

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Getting To Know Dr. Klara

Like you, Winning Mindset expert, speaker and author Dr. Klara Gubacs-Collins (Dr. Klara) has seen the phrase “winning mindset” defined numerous ways. Is it positive thinking or confidence? Or is it the ability to define and live in one’s zone of genius? Is it meant only for the chosen few? Or, is it for all who applies the proper principles in the right sequence in discovering their strengths?
With twenty-five years of teaching, speaking, and real-life mentoring experience, Dr. Klara’s view is radically different. “Dr.G”, as her students passionately call her, believes that a winning mindset is a sense of quiet confidence resulting from the combination of finding your genius zone through play combined with proper mental and emotional skills. Her expertise stems from multiple championships in a variety of sports and years of studies and accomplishments in life. Dr. Klara teaches a unique blend of physical, mental and emotional skills for her clients to bring them from contender to champion in sports, business and life.


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