Dr. Klara’s clients call this “The Most Comprehensive Coaching Program On The Planet for High Achievers”

It’s a Winning Mind Blueprint to get your life, relationships, and work on a better path, so you can live the life you’re meant for and achieve your dreams – even if you’ve forgotten what they are.

What You Get In This Membership

Bi-Weekly Coaching Call

Once every two weeks, you’ll hop on a live group call with Dr. Klara to identify, neutralize, and remove the triggers that sabotage your success.

Online Modules

You’ll have online modules to equip you with the necessary skills and methods to achieve success.

Private FB Group

A private Facebook group to surround yourself with a tribe of high achievers just like you as you progress through fulfilling your dreams.

Is this membership for you?

Are you tired of having your anxiety holding you back from the SUCCESS that is rightly YOURS?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, going in circles doing everything for everybody BUT yourself?

Have you ever felt guilty for choosing career success over family?

Whether you have asked yourself one or all of these questions, you are not alone.  Many successful high achievers face these same fears every single day.  The thing that not everyone can do though, is to repiece the jigsaw puzzle that their life has become in order to bounce back stronger than ever before.

I know this from my personal life.  I experienced a major setback in my sports, business, and life, and have seen the best of the best in psychology while reading dozens of self-help books to help me get over the issues.

Hundreds of hours later, there were still no solutions.  I tried every kind of therapy under the sun, but nothing was working.  So, I took matters into my own hands because I believe that if there is a problem, there is ALWAYS a solution.

Through my climb out of a depressed burnt out state, I studied all therapies from a different lens, the researcher’s lens.  I recorded each step of each therapy to see what was working and what wasn’t.

Finally, I put the steps and processes together and developed the Winning Mind Blueprint with which, I was not only able to overcome my hurdles, but created an encompassing winning mindset for sports, business, and life.

I believe that a winning mindset is a sense of quiet, bold confidence resulting from the combination of finding your genius zone through play combined with proper mind management skills.

By combining a unique blend of physical, mental, and emotional skills, I am able to break down walls that used to be impossible barriers for people to overcome.  Once we’re past those barriers, the rebuilding can begin.  We will remold and remodel, creating a new, better version of yourself.


Why is This Membership Different?

It’s complete and comes from real life experience. Dr. Klara has not only lived and conquered many of life’s storms in her time, but literally wrote a book about it.

Other programs offer great elements, but not a comprehensive plan to put it all together. You may learn inner peace in one, goal setting in another, and subconscious work somewhere else.

But Dr. Klara’s program combines them all and delivers tangible results for business, life, and relationships – all the pieces of the puzzle. You’ll leave knowing who you are, where you’re going, and with a plan to get there.

Dr. Klara only works with high achievers who are ready to give it all they’ve got.

Client Testimonials

I am a recent graduate of the Exercise Science & Physical Education MA program at Montclair State University. My dream is to have my own wellness business. However, I realized that to start working more intelligently towards my future I needed to work on some personal issues. These were mainly: my tendency to stress myself over every little thing in my life; my lack of confidence in some aspects of life;, and finally some persistent thoughts I had about myself and how I live my life that were an obstacle to reaching my full potential. That’s how, having met Dr. Klara at the university, I decided to enroll in her coaching program for women. I had worked with Dr. Klara before and I was always drawn to her positive energy towards everything, and when I had my first exploratory session with her I was impressed by how insightful she was after sharing only a few details of my life. What she said in that session resonated very much with me, and I could see that she understood what my issues were and how to address them. Something I really enjoy about our sessions with Dr. Klara is how she goes directly to the issue and catches all of us before we keep repeating the pattern, and she always does it in the most pleasant and fun way. After a few of these coaching sessions I have been able to change some of my thought patterns for the better. I was able to achieve this by recognizing which patterns needed changing, and by acquiring some useful tools to apply on my own to make these changes. Now, I am more aware of the things I think and say to others, and I am able to stop any negative behavior I might engage in when it comes to my self-image. This coaching group has greatly improved my daily life, and now I feel ready to tackle any future challenges it might bring.

Maria Gabriela Hernandez Cunto

Maria Gabriela Hernandez Cunto

Working with Klara has been so helpful, both philosophically and practically. Although I was familiar with mindset work before, Klara gives actual tools to implement the work into daily life. This has been a game changer, because now I can apply the mindset work to my practical living. Klara’s no-nonsense caring, her knowledge, and her myriad of tools make her an ideal coach. She is an inspired teacher who has so much to share, and I am grateful to be on this journey with her.

Julia Radosz

Julia Radosz

“Dr. Klara and I met at a women’s conference, and from the moment I heard her speak, I felt like our conjoining paths were divine intervention. I hadn’t planned on being in the middle of a life storm, and I was in the whirlpool of two: one dealing with a life-threatening illness in my father and the other involving mental health in one of my children. The purpose of the conference was to empower ME, to understand the Shift that was taking place in My life. By the end of the conference, I had gotten so much more than what I had come in search of, that I continued utilizing Dr. Klara’s coaching services.

Dr. Klara teaches skills to navigate any situation, without bringing “Drama” along for the ride. She empowered me to stand tall, armed with the confidence to face life’s toughest, heart-wrenching circumstances, tempering the anxiety that follows me around daily. She has also gotten me on the next path to fulfill my personal goals with renewed energy and a new spark for life. Dr. Klara has an endless supply of techniques, literature, and life experiences that will enable you to manage life’s distractions, freeing you to face each day with joy, resulting in a happy life!”

Tammy Ewing

Tammy Ewing

She gave me key steps to take to reach my goals, to really work on the things I’m wanting to do and to change, and how to take that goal and turn it into action for success.


“Dr. Gubacs is an incredibly upbeat and motivating person.  She has been a huge inspiration in my journey of self-discovery by pushing me to stretch outside of my comfort zone and never settle for the bare minimum.  Her warm but tough personality allows her to always speak to motivate, and she genuinely wants the best for every person she encounters.  One of the most valuable things that Dr. Gubacs has taught me is that we never stop learning, and has demonstrated this in her teaching and advising.  She has an incredible thirst for knowledge and strives to help anyone in search of guidance, by finding the best method to reach each person in his or her own growth and learning processes.  She is a driven and passionate woman who loves to help and will do whatever is necessary to offer the best advice full of practical ideas and encouragement.  If she is unsure of something, she is not afraid to say so, but will do the necessary research to provide a response to almost any question, and will do whatever she can to help an individual achieve their goals.  Dr. Gubacs is a loyal and genuine person, whose transparent integrity and compassion allows her to make an impact on anyone she meets.”

Shannon Rampton

As a person who has dealt with anxiety since the age of twelve, I never thought I would have a grip on my emotions nor my mental health. I battled years of panic attacks that would often end with me fainting. As I matured I began to try not to think about the tasks or stressful situations that I would have to face in order to prevent these panic attacks from occurring. The technique would work some of the time, but there were times where it wouldn’t, and that was what I feared the most. I was frightened that if I told anyone about my anxiety they would think of it as an illness so I rarely mentioned my internal battle. I dealt with my troubles in silence and tried my best to explain away my fainting spells so I wouldn’t alarm anyone of what was truly causing the problem. It was anxiety. It wasn’t until my first session with Dr. Klara Gubacs that I began to face my fears, my anxiety issues, and my will to get a hold of my emotions and mental health. During our session I stopped running away from something that I knew was a problem for most of my life. It was my battle with OCD and that fact that I experienced anxiety on a daily basis. Dr. Gubacs taught me how to address my “Issues”, what’s causing the anxiety. It was with her help that I began to embrace my fears, and her teaching methods would help rid me of my anxiety issues. I’ve used her methods for anxiety issues such as up and coming events or tasks, as well as finding a way to incorporate it into my daily life to battle my OCD issues. I stand here today a changed woman. I’ve learned to let go of things that would usually cause panic attacks and most importantly, I’ve learned to love myself flaws and all. Without Dr. Gubacs’s guidance I don’t know if I could have achieved the type of self-esteem and self love I have today. There’s no more hiding or bottling up my emotions. Family, friends, and peers notice the change and so have I. I’ve begun to take a calmer and more positive approach to life and I love it! I continue to use the methods I learned whenever I feel anxiety and it never fails to steer me away from the negative thoughts and emotions running through my mind. I stand behind Dr. Gubacs’s sessions and her methods. I recommend it to anyone who experiences anxiety and hope that it changes your life as much as it has changed mine.


Dr. Klara is awesome.  Her personality draws you in.  No BS or false feelings from her.  She really cares and helps me to connect the dots.  Sometimes we think that we know exactly what to do, but we don’t actually practice what we know is good for us.  She breaks it down in a unique way, makes you want to do it, and all of a sudden, everything falls into place!  My career and health goals have never been so spot on.

Melissa Velez

Are you ready to stand tall with confidence, guilt-free, and armed with the tools for success?