Dr. Klara is a sought-after speaker for events.

Dr. Klara’s coaching has helped countless high achievers transform their personal and professional lives by cutting out the drama, discovering their inner genius, regaining their confidence and freeing themselves from negative beliefs and past traumas.
Dr. Klara’s style is entertaining, empowering and engaging. She uses real-life stories to connect with her audience and teaches a number of tools and strategies which leaves them buzzing, inspired and with a notebook full of valuable tips and tricks to implement in their own lives so they can start living life on their terms

Dr. Klara is available for speaking engagements at keynote presentations, workshops, Q&A style live events, conferences, educational talks in schools or universities and small, intimate events


Are you ready to take your goals and turn
them into action for success?

“She gave me key steps to take to reach my goals, to really work on the things I’m wanting to do and to change, and how to take that goal and turn into action for success. ” – Martine


Dr. Klara brings experience and knowledge to the table.

As an elite athlete, with personal experience, the education, and leadership abilities, Dr. Klara brings a unique level of knowledge to her presentations.


Dr. Klara Entertains, and Educates her Audiences

Dr. Klara loves to both educate and entertain her audiences.

Story Telling

Dr. Klara is a Masterful Storyteller

Dr. Klara entertains her audience, and pulls them in with masterful storytelling. 

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